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Group Info

Welcome! The Equine Photography club is dedicated to captures of man kind's most fascinating and exquisite animal- the Horse. Our mission is to gather an impressive collection of first-class, inspirational and alluring photographs of horses and their environments. Whether it be at work, at play, or at rest, #Equine-Photography's main goal is to provide it's watchers with an extensive repertoire of striking equine images. We hope that you will find this place a source of inspiration and resource, and visit us many times over.

The rules:

:bulletred: You can submit 2 deviation every 24 hours.
:bulletred: The quality of the pictures has to be good. This means it has to be sharp, the colour has to be right, the size has to be big enough and so forth.
:bulletred: The photograph has to be of a high quality artistically as well.
:bulletred: The photograph can be declined without giving a reason. If you wish to know what the reason of decline is, you may send a message. But beware, it could take some time before you get some indepth critism on your work. (We'll try to get back to you within two weeks if you leave a critism request).
Founded 12 Years ago
May 21, 2005


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Art Collection

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1,362 Members
1,736 Watchers
77,377 Pageviews
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How do i submit to the group?
To submit to the group you must be a member!

How many deviations can i submit?
You may submit TWO deviation per day.

What are the criteria for submitting a photo?
There are quite a few factors our contributors look at when voting to accept/decline a photo. Equine-Photography is a place where only the best equine photo's are shared to our global group of members. Our submission standards reflect our vision, and are therefore, very high.
Submissions must be:
  • Horse related photography, anything else will be declined without reason.
  • Purposefully focused. Purposefully because there are many way's to focus a photograph: clarity doesn't necessarily make a shot, when a soft focus can have just as dramatic an appeal when done with reason. Simply out of focus shots will not be accepted.
  • Interesting, creative or well composed. There is a lot of horse photography out there, we are looking for the photo's that stand out.
  • Have an overall impact to the image

Why was my photo declined?
Reasons why a photo may be declined:
  • Was not horse related
  • Was not a photography
  • Contained disturbing content (i.e. abuse, injuries etc...)
  • Failed to leave an impression on our contributors

Those are reasons for instant declination. If your photo was denied for any other reason, you may ask for a reason, and one of our admins will give you their opinion.

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If your work is declined (or accepted!), and you wish to receive a critique from the contributors as to why they pressed decline/accept, feel free to ask! But please note- if you are going to request a critique, please be prepared to accept said critique. We are not judging you as a photographer, we are critiquing a specific image you submitted. Also be aware that critiques are opinions based solely on that image. Some people may view it differently than others. One contributor may see your photo as lacking impact, while another may love it! But please, there has been an ongoing trend of people asking for critiques, and upon receiving the critique, lashing out at the contributor(s). The submission acceptance standard is very high in this group, and we have a wonderful group of photographers and art critics who are capable of upholding that standard. Their critiques to you should be viewed as constructive. Personally, as a photographer, i am always receiving feedback from clients, co-workers and even my peers on the internet. Even if a review is negative, it is an opportunity to better your work and yourself as a photographer. Maybe try applying some of the things the contributors told you to try/fix in their last critique! Something as simple as DOF or composition can be the reason your photo is accepted/declined.
And again, if you ask for a critique, be prepared for some constructive criticism! We as contributors try our best to make it as constructive as possible! Any backlash at the contributors will result in immediate removal from the group.

Equine-Photography is a place where equine photographers come to be inspired by some of the freshest images in the field, and gain perspective and inspiration for future photos! If you would like to be apart of that community than you are welcome to join the group and submit! We would love to have you! This group has grown exponentially in the past few months and i would like to thank everyone (including the contributors) for keeping this group fresh and active!

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and is enjoying this beautiful transition time of year!
Here's to some lovely fall inspired equine photographs!
Equus-Photography, Founder
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bunnyjo1990 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I submitted 2 photos a few days ago. Did you guys get them?
LandOfStandardbreds Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
I submitted a couple event photos and was wondering why they were declined. Is it the copyright?
Equus-Photography Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2013  Student Photographer
For me neither photo had a lot of impact. Both were well shot, and well framed, but the composition didn't improve the photo for me. (1st photo) It's such an action filled photo, and the direction of the horse appears to be traveling toward the right side of the frame, but it's immediately cropped off. For me i would have liked to have seen the photo landscape, so as to give the horse somewhere to go! the sky causes or eye to wander. also the slight off axis of the photo is a bit deterring.
(2nd photo) very much the same as the first, it's a lovely shot, and the look on the horse is soo intense! but its looking so hard at the right side of the image, i felt it would have been lovely to again, give it somewhere to go, let the people who are looking at this photo see what the horse is so intent on! perhaps its covering some ground as quickly as possible, or another pole.

Just so you know, both shots were beautifully timed, perfectly focused and exposed. It was just their overall composition that i would play with! With sport photo's they can so easily just be "another sport shot", play with the composition to make them "that amazing sport shot" vs. just another in the fray.
LandOfStandardbreds Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks so much. I will keep those suggestions in mind the next time I get the photograph horses in action.
Skunktail17 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013  Professional Photographer
This group's gallery is absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous. I can see I have a long way to go before I'm THAT good. After flipping through quite a few pages, I'm so inspired to go out and shoot. :D
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